The f27 as a rolling chassis with side panels placed to see how it would look

Rear view when the lights where fitted

The seats are fitted

The bare intereior

Hello, and welcome!
This site is  based around our Formula 27 Kitcar.

The Formula 27 is based on the  Lotus 7, a great many kit car manufacturers have used this popular '7 style' design, our kit is the narrow body version of the 27 with twin skinned floorpan which were formally made and sold by YKC(now image sports  cars now

The engine is a fully reconditioned 1979 2L twin cam Fiat Mirafiori(115bhp) , the front and rear axles are Ford(cortina and escort respectively), with a mk2 escort 5spd gearbox. With Avo shocks on the front, rims are TSW 15's rapped in 195/50 Yokohama's. Brakes are standard Ford disc front/drum rear. Seats are carbon buckets(with fibre head inserts) and Sabelt 4 point harnesses. A mountney wheel and push button start.

Though complete on purchase, it was not entirely detailed to our taste and so the quest for modifying her began.!
After scouring the net for tuition on our idea's, we found very little that was specific to our requirements, so with 1 new kit car and 1 web friendly girlfriend-this site was born!

Why a Kit car? many will ask, well for me its simple, nothing else comes close to offering the variety and performance per pound than a kit car. Then of course there is the spectacle, you can steal gazes from sports cars costing 10 times as much, An Impreza or Evo is nice, but the way I see it you can pass 5 of them every day of the week and not bat an eyelid, because everyone knows what they are. Kit cars on the other hand rouse an unrestrainable fascination with passers by on par with the super car elite, and speaking of supercars, there are none money can buy that can catch the kit based Ultima, and yes that includes the £750,000 McLaren F1!
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This is our first experience with a kit car and we had no prior knowledge prior to buying it! Therefore we do not claim to be a professional upholsterers or mechanics, but as with most Kit car enthusiasts, we are not afraid to take a risk in the quest for personal styling.
Whether you are in a similar quest or are just an admirer of unusual cars, we hope to provide you with idea's, knowledge from our project and share our idea's and experiences.
Who knows, maybe you may be tempted or inspired to join the kit car scene!
If your interested in a kit car but like us, you dont know where to start then we hope the following info pages  may help you to find your way through the mine field that can be the kit car industry.